For Proposals

The chemistry department has shared facilities in our Chemical Instrumentation Center (CIC) for EPR (Bruker EleXsys EPR: E-500-A console with ER 049SX SuperX Bridge; SuperX or Double Rectangular or Dual Mode Cavity), mass spectrometry (Bruker ULTRAFLEX III, Bruker REFLEX II, Waters AutoSpec, Waters LCT, Shimadzu LCMS-2010A, Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010S), Mössbauer (SeeCo Mössbauer Spectrometry with Janis SHI-850 4K Cryostat), NMR (Varian Mercury Plus 300, Bruker AVANCE 360, two Bruker AVANCE III 400, two Bruker AVANCE III 500, Bruker AVANCE III 600), X-ray diffraction (Bruker Quazar APEX2 with a Mo Kα IµS radiation source and Bruker SMART APEX2 with a Cu Kα conventional sealed X-ray tube with Oxford Cryosystems low temperature devices; Bruker D8 Advance with a Cu Kα conventional sealed X-ray tube and Lynxeye detector) and SQUID Megnetometer (Quantum Design MPMS3 EverCool System). The CIC is under the direction of Prof. John Berry, and is maintained by a staff of six Ph.D. specialists. The Department also has an in house electronics shop, machine shop, glass shop and an instrumentation shop. Full time staff members are available to assist graduate students and post doctoral associates with the design and fabrication of specialized equipment for experiments.

Detailed list of NMR/EPR equipment: 

  • Bruker NEO 500 — houses the Wisconsin High-Pressure NMR Reactor system (WiHP-NMRR) and Bruker InsightMR flow device for operando reaction monitoring; broadband capabilities, variable temperature [-150 to +150 °C] with gas pressures in excess of 1000psi; extensive kinetics and dynamics capabilities; state-of-the-art direct-X detection with Bruker Prodigy BB LN2-cooled probe; triple resonance 19F-13C-1H experiments (FCH probe)
  • Bruker AVANCE 400(a) — state-of-the-art high-throughput capabilities directed toward undergraduate education and research training with Bruker SampleJet sample changer plus BBFO+ probe
  • Bruker AVANCE 400(b) — state-of-the-art high-throughput capabilities directed toward synthetic research progress with Bruker SampleJet sample changer plus BBFO+ probe
  • Bruker AVANCE 500(a) — Solid-State NMR with Bruker MAS3 controller; Doty 4mm DI-4 1H/X/Y BMAX solids MAS probe; PhoenixNMR 1.2mm  1H/X/Y MAS probe; PhoenixNMR 5mm UltraWideline 1H/X static probe; autosampler
  • Bruker AVANCE 500(b) — state-of-the-art 13C capabilities with Bruker DCH LHe-cooled cryoprobe; autosampler
  • Bruker AVANCE 600 — houses the Center for Laser-Assisted NMR:  Bruker TCI-F LHe-cooled cryoprobe and autosampler interfaced to Coherent Inova Sabre DBW25 Laser, Coherent Chameleon Ultra Laser, and Ultra High Power LED-450 and 405 light sources
  • Bruker EleXsys EPR — very high sensitivity EPR with ER 049SX SuperX Bridge and SuperX, Double Rectangular, and Dual Mode Cavities

Detailed list of Mass Spec equipment: 

  • Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Plus (ESI-Q-orbitrap-MS)
  • Bruker impact II (ESI-Q-TOF-MS)
  • Bruker microFlex LRF (MALDI-TOF-MS)
  • Bruker ultraFlex III (MALDI-TOF/TOF-MS)
  • Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010S (GC-EI-single quad-MS)
  • Waters LCT (ESI-TOF-MS)
  • Shimadzu 2010A (ESI- single quad-MS)

Detailed list of Mössbauer equipment: 

  • SeeCo Mössbauer Spectrometry W304 and W204
  • Janis SHI-850 4K cryogen-free cryostat

Detailed list of SQUID equipment: 

  • Quantum Design MPMS3 EverCool System

Detailed list of X-ray equipment: 

  • Bruker Quazar APEX2 single-crystal diffractometer with a Mo Kα IµS radiation source and Oxford Cryosystems 700 low temperature device
  • Bruker D8 Venture PhotonIII four-circle diffractometer with Cu Kα (λ = 1.54178 Å) IµS radiation source equipped with an Oxford Cryosystems low temperature device model 700
  • Bruker D8 Advance powder diffractometer with a Cu Kα conventional sealed X-ray tube and Lynxeye detector


Other equipment in the Chemistry Department: 

  • Catalysis Center, Keck Center and Laboratory, and High-Performance Computing Center have links here.
  • The Department also has an Electronics Shop, Glass Shop, and Instrument (Machine) Shop with links on the same page.


Other resources on the UW-Madison campus:

  • UW-Madison’s Resource Directory provides a searchable database to over 90 campus core instrumentation facilities.  This is a good way to discover other equipment on campus that might be useful to proposals.