All publications based on experiments run on equipment in the Paul Bender Chemical Instrumentation Center must acknowledge the equipment funding sources.  Compliance affects the ability of the Center to maintain and update our instrumentation.  Note that acknowledgements contained in Supporting Information are not compliant.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) requires that the final, peer-reviewed manuscript is submitted to NIH's Pub Med Central (PMC) database. For details go to the University of Wisconsin Libraries webpage:


Acknowledgment sentence(s):

Users can cut-and-paste the following sentence into their manuscripts.

The  spectrometer(s)/diffractometer(s)  was supported by NSF/NIH grant grant number(s).

Example 1:      The  Bruker AVANCE 400 NMR spectrometer was supported by NSF grant CHE-1048642.

Example 2:      The following instrumentation in the PBCIC was supported by:  Thermo Q Exactive™ Plus by NIH 1S10 OD020022-1; Bruker Quazar APEX2 and Bruker 500 by a generous gift from Paul J. and Margaret M. Bender; Bruker Avance-600 by NIH S10 OK012245.


NSF and NIH Grant Numbers

NMR Instruments Award Grant # [award yr]
Bruker Avance 600 (phoebe) NIH S10 OD012245 [2013]
Bruker Avance III 500s (callisto, persephone) Bender Fund* [2012]
Bruker Avance III 400 (artemis) NSF CHE-1048642 [2010]
Varian Mercury-300 (hermes) NSF CHE-0342998 [2003]
Bruker Avance 360 (natoth) NSF CHE-9709065 [1999]
Bruker AC 300a (athena; retired 2016) NSF CHE-9208463 [1993]
Bruker AC 300 (homer; retired 2013) NIH S10 RR08389-01 [1993, E Vedejs]
Varian INOVA 600 (valen; retired 2015) NIH S10 RR13866-01 [2000, S Gellman]
Varian INOVA 500 (ares; retired 2012) NSF CHE-9629688 [1998]
Varian UNITY 500 (narn; retired 2012) NSF CHE-8813550 [1988] +
NIH S10 RR04981-01[1988, T Record] +
NSF CHE-9629688 [1998]


Mass Spectometers Award Grant # [award yr]
Thermo Q Exactive™ Plus NIH 1S10 OD020022-1 [2015]
Bruker Impact™ II  Bender fund* [2015]
Bruker Microflex™ LRF  Bender fund* [2015]
Bruker ULTRAFLEX™ III  NIH NCRR 1S10RR024601-01 [2008] 
Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010S  Department of Chemistry [2008]
Shimadzu LCMS-2010A  A Keck grant, a Shimadzu grant, and the Department of Chemistry [2001]
Waters LCT®  NSF Award #CHE-9974839 [2000] 


X-ray Diffractometers Award Grant # [award yr]
Bruker Quazar APEX II Bender fund* [2009]
Bruker SMART APEX II Departmental and graduate school funds [2007]
Bruker D8 Advance powder diffractometer  Bender fund* [2012]


EPR Award Grant # [award yr]
Bruker EleXsys E500  NSF CHE-0741901 [2008]


The Center for Laser-Assisted NMR

Award Grant # [award yr]

Bruker Avance 600

Coherent Inova Sabre DBW25 Laser

Coherent Chameleon Ultra Laser

Ultra High Power LED(UHP-Mic-LED-450 and UHP-Mic-LED-405 )

NIH S10 OD012245 [2013]

*A generous gift from Paul J. and Margaret M. Bender enabled these spectrometers to be purchased.